FX Globe – A no nonsense ECN broker


FXGlobe int. is a dedicated, consistent and flexible forex services provider with a wide variety of forex broker solutions to assist with the goals of every brokerage.

Top forex trading technology and platforms

Get high caliber white label forex trading systems or non-branded trading technology, which you can completely fit to your business goals. All forex technology that we use is known for its high quality and execution standards.

Forex liquidity and clearance

Benefit from cost-effective liquidity and clearance accounts with some of the tightest spreads available. New brokerage firms can take full advantage of these accounts and ensure clients’ trades hedging and market risk management.

Extra forex tools and packages

With FXGlobe int., you will get more when starting your own brokerage, without paying additional costs or waiting extra time.

  • Websites, CRM, affiliate systems and so on
  • Wide selection of forex instruments for your clients
  • Top of the line customer care, attention and forex support with real-time training and supervision

FXGlobe int. also provides the best forex partner programs, where you can be a forex IB,forex affiliate or even a forex white label partner.

Join us to find out what comfortable partnership really means!