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Social trading

Copy top traders

Copy top performing traders and take your experience to another level. Yes, it’s that simple. Make a deposit into your account and choose a trader to help you on your journey. Our experienced traders have extensive exposure in the markets, able to give you the opportunity to reap the results you wish.

How it works


Visit social.fxglobe.international, and select Provider (signal provider) or Subscriber (copy trading).


Use your MT4 or MT5 login to sign in.


Once connected, you can view all the traders you can copy on the dashboard.


Follow the trader or strategy by clicking on the Invest button.


On the Provider’s popup, you can see all the details including management fees, description as well as set the conditions and limitations on how much you invest including your risk management preferences.


View and keep track of who you are following via the dashboard. You can remove or edit your subscriptions at any time.

Understand the risks

Whether you are a novice or pro trader, trading comes with risks. Get to know them beforre you start making the most of the financial markets.

Pros and cons

We are all about 100% transparency. Discover what you can expect from the FS International social trading experience

Terms and Conditions

Before using this service, please read carefully the relevant Terms and Conditions.