Social Trading

Social Trading with FXGlobe int.

Want to follow professional traders and earn when they trade? Got a trading strategy that works and want to earn a little extra when other traders follow your strategy? Try Social Trading.

Review, analyse and follow other traders and trading strategies with FXGlobe’s int. new Social Trading Platform.

How it works

Getting started is easy and quick. Visit, and select Provider (signal provider) or Subscriber (copy trading).

Use your MT4 login to sign in.

Once connected, you can view all the traders you can copy on the dashboard.

Follow the trader or strategy by clicking on the Invest button.

On the Provider’s popup, you can see all the details including management fees, description as well as set the conditions and limitations on how much you invest including your risk management preferences.

View and keep track of who you are following via the dashboard. You can remove or edit your subscriptions at any time.