MAM (Multiple Account Manager)

FXGlobe int. offers those managing funds, large portfolios and institutional investors with multiple accounts; market leading MAM (Multiple Account Manager) technology.

Behind the scenes you have a powerful management tool with very low latency and on the front end you have an easy to use, easy to manage GUI (graphical user interface).

Perfect for:

  1. Portfolio Managers
  2. Fund Managers
  3. Hedge Funds
  4. Mutual Funds
  5. Institutional Investors
  6. Copy Traders


Example of the MAM GUI screen used to manage all the accounts and their multipliers under a Master account. The easy to use and understand interface makes multiple account management simple.

Benefits & Features

  1. Ability to multiply the master position according to client risk appetite
  2. Copies trades to hundreds of clients in a split second
  3. Monitor your client trades with MT4 Manager
  4. Reconstruction functionality in case of loss of network done automatically by the system to compare master and subs

Technical Specs

The MAM GUI controls the creation and management of masters and subs running on a dedicated server. This means more power, less downtime and a superior trade execution across subs regardless if you have 10 or 1,000. 

You can even use it for Copy Trading.

Copy trading works with MAM using the MT4 manager API which then create events when a master opens a trade. When it does, the system automatically multiplies the trade size of the master to the subs based on the multiplier settings set in the GUI. 

FXGlobe MAM Options

All the tools you require to manage your sub accounts in one place, easy to use, easy to understand. 

We back our tech.

Technology should not slow you or your sub accounts down. We take care of the technology and ensure that you only have to focus on your trading.

We built our system to check for gaps between managers and their subs periodically to ensure price equality across the network, once it finds gaps or differences between a trade on the master account but not in a sub, it will recreate the trade/s to be the same price even if the market has moved.