FXGlobe Academy


When you are starting your trading journey, learning to trade can be a daunting task. Here at FXGlobe int. we aim to cater for your needs offering free trading tools when you start to help you succeed. Get complete educational packages and one-on-one personal training… with just one click.

  • Free forex trading signals signals provided by Autochartist
  • Full educational packages


Why spend time searching for what you need while trading, when you can come to MyFXGlobe and simplify your forex trading experience? Loads of forex data have been cut down for you in a responsive forex dashboard, so you can trade with ease and no extra efforts.

  • Unique organization of forex trading information
  • Easy access to what’s really important
  • Flexible and intuitive interface


Our support team has gathered a list of questions, frequently asked by our clients and provided you with a set of comprehensive and informative answers. This information should cover all of your trading needs however, if you need clarification on anything please dont hesitate to ask our attentive 24 hour team.

  • Learn from other traders’ experiences
  • Wide variety of topical information
  • Find the answer you are looking for with ease